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People bad talking on the audio.
What I believe it may be to match it's surrounding (spacious room?).
Tiled floors and walls do have an affect on the sounds.

I'm fine with the insult. The thought of someone calling their viewers degenerates while they're exposing their own body to them humors me.

Basically my ears whenever I find new music I love. Nice.

Seems to have been a bit over decade since this animation had attention.

So many sounds, giving many memories of good movies and shows.

I like it

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Can't really play this game. Not because I don't want to, it's because I have to refresh the game and start over again.

The game won't load anymore after walking out Detective's office.
I'm not going to be rating it, for now.

Muja responds:

That's too bad, could you send me a PM and tell me which device and browser are you using?

Never have I thought that chess and a dungeon RPG game could be mixed together.

Seems like a game a friend of mine would like on their phone.
I would have it on my phone.

Took me a couple games to fully understand what I am doing.
I don't think I can beat the overwhelming forces of level 5.

This is pretty good!

Though, it's a bit fuzzy, it doesn't take away the fact that it's fun.
The combo moves absolutely makes a plus and lets us decide the controls. Makes my gaming a bit more comfortable.

Makes me miss playing Tekken.

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Sounds like plot music for a pixel game.

I like it :P

This. . . This makes me want to draw what it put in my head.
This is pretty calming.

Though, when I think of it, it sounds like it could be put into a sad moment.
Like, something so beautiful in finding appreciation in life and is very thankful, but - - unfortunately has to go.
Now, the person has gone.

I feel sad now.

Dido on what Charles McDermid said.

This is pretty cool :T

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Woah, a lot of art to check on since I last checked.
Gonna be a bit of a good time checking them out.


Just at the tip of my kind of humor .-.

I am not very interesting. Just your everyday couch potato who likes to slack off, play video games, listen to tunes, and just draw. I draw what, when I want to. I am undecided on taking requests from people. You're pretty nosey, aren't you? I like purple

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