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The title speaks the truth. Timmy truly is as described.

Oh my Goodness, that was just revolting - - and to make it more stranger than it is, he wishes for it to be a sentient being having close relations with him.

5 stars for making an honest animation.

Dang it, Cosmo, just magic him to be a better person!

Oh my. . . I am - - shocked, surprised and exhilarated.
I never thought on of my most favored artists on this site ( • Ó . Ò • )

Resolution renders me speechless, that's all I can say.
Attempting to think anything more positive causes me to feel sad. It's overwhelming my thoughts.

This is one thing to look forward to, for me.
I love your work. I can't wait to have a way to support you more that I can do now.

This is dreadful. I love it! This is a pretty great story!

I yearn for more.
I am not demanding more or urging you to do so.
I just love stories. Especially these types of stories .-.

skullzNHERO responds:

Ah, a fellow storyteller connoisseur! Thank you for your kind words!

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I applaud to this. I enjoy this very much.

Also, why do I think 'Minecraft' instantly every time I encounter or see a game about Mining?

*Clicks game* *Game loads* "Holy Moley! I can't see the rest of NewGrounds!"

I found this game a bit entertaining and had a killer ending.

I had a little laugh about going into the details a bit into the game.
I just stand there, swing my double-edged sword that looks like a sowing needle and the enemy is just obliterated into small chunks. Not only that, the knights strength is so powerful, you could see the shock wave afterwards!
Also, Looong hallway for the castle. I guess that gives it the feel of the castle being enormous .-.

A lot of negativity here and I strongly agree that the sound playing after death is earsplitting.
This made me sad enough for my eyes to tear up a bit and my ears are crying even more.
I usually don't place bad ratings, but I had to for this one.

Well, I personally don't mind graphics, but I tried playing it through despite the awful noise it makes with every death.

The Story Objective is about putting a stop to the Oil Tycoon company before they pollute the oceans. Setting must be in their factory since I don't see anything resembling any bodies of water.

My browser seems to scroll around the website as I use the keyboard (As you've already been told).
I have to put my arms in an awkward position to use the mouse and arrow keys simultaneously. Do you use your mouse with your left hand? A majority of people uses their right. I hope that has a fix.
Lastly, there seems to be no use for the left click button until you get to the third level, which seems to be impassable.
(Info for the people playing: Click the fish tank)

Aside all those, I think the only thing I like about it is how the third level looks.

I'm sorry that you're getting a ton of bad reviews.
If this is your first time making a game, don't be bummed out that no one likes it. It's just a bump down the road to making games that are much better than this.
Haven't heard of people making things that everyone likes on their very first attempt.
Hope you try your best and I am REALLY sorry for making this review so long ;(

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Sounds like plot music for a pixel game.

I like it :P

This. . . This makes me want to draw what it put in my head.
This is pretty calming.

Though, when I think of it, it sounds like it could be put into a sad moment.
Like, something so beautiful in finding appreciation in life and is very thankful, but - - unfortunately has to go.
Now, the person has gone.

I feel sad now.

Dido on what Charles McDermid said.

This is pretty cool :T

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Butts: Yes
Bunnies: Yes
I don't mind gender.

You intrigue me with this. ( • ó ω ò • )

She could try BEING bad because the bad would cancel put the bad and probably make it good? Dunno. Not good at mathing these :3

ZedrinBot responds:

this is sound logic

Hmm. Haven't thought of a panda with a body like this. Seems Farfetched but who's to say they can't build muscles? :3

I am not very interesting. Just your everyday couch potato who likes to slack off, play video games, listen to tunes, and just draw. I don't do requests or share them publicly. I draw what and when I want to. You're pretty nosey, aren't you? I like purple

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